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Stephen Colbert: Atheist Christmas Cards are "Un-American"

Do atheists celebrate Christmas?

Famous atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris do, and they're not alone.

Nearly 15% of Americans identify themselves as ‘non-religious,’ but surveys have consistently shown that 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas. Order of St. Nick seeks to bridge the gap between belief and observation.

Christmas is a federal holiday in the United States. Order of St. Nick believes that everyone, regardless of religious beliefs, should be able to celebrate with family and friends at this time of year.

Marketing industry maven Brandweek Magazine agrees. “In these new times, everyone should be accommodated in their beliefs and traditions, so there might well be a place for the Order of St. Nick [atheist Christmas] cards,” they stated in a December 2007 review of the greeting cards on their online Short Takes column.

The cards feature traditional evolutionary iconography such as Charles Darwin and monkeys along with cheeky sayings such as “Evolve Your Beliefs”.

Three atheist designs were introduced as part of Order of St. Nick’s Winter Solstice greeting card line in 2007, and they proved to be so popular that Shaffer expanded the cards into their own line for this holiday season. Eight different designs in all are available exclusively online at